Infrastructure construction

We are an infrastructure construction multitasker and an experienced specialist on special sites. We have the professional skills and required special permits to implement even demanding projects, such as railway construction and large soil replacement and earth-moving jobs.

Our customers include the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, municipalities and cities as well as water and waste utilities. In infrastructure construction projects we can implement the work from rock blasting all the way to asphalting.

Public utility services

We build public utility networks including water and sewer for cities and municipalities with solid professional skills.

Railway construction

We help build and maintain the Finnish railway network.

Crushing and screening

We carry out crushing and screening in Pirkanmaa, southern Finland and central Finland.


We carry out demanding drilling, blasting and quarrying works in Pirkanmaa and southern Finland.

Asphalt construction

We implement different asphalting jobs on courtyards and passageways with precision and professional skill, and always with the appropriate machinery.

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