KVL-Tekniikka as an employer

We welcome you to work for KVL-Tekniikka! Our pleasant, diverse and international group of people consists of professionals in various sectors. We are a trendsetter in the development of the energy construction industry. Our head office is located in Tampere in Pirkanmaa, but we operate on a nationwide scale everywhere in Finland.

We emphasise the wellbeing and safety of our employees. We provide our employees with the best tools in the business. We encourage our personnel to build a motivating career path and to train themselves on a continuous basis. We aim to ensure that, where necessary, the work is flexible as life situations change. This supports our employees’ ability to cope and thrive at work. 

Our nationwide operations enable our staff to move between different projects and countries. When the north of the country becomes chilly, the contracting season continues for a long time in southern Finland. Occasionally the projects take our experts to foreign countries, such as Sweden or Ireland. You can influence how mobile your own work is. 

KVL-Tekniikka is constantly looking for new specialists. At our company you can do relevant work where the outcome may remain hidden, but the benefits are even more concretely visible. 

An open job application

Are you interested in working for KVL-Tekniikka? You can submit an open job application to us with this form. Read our privacy statement.