Railway construction

Maintenance of the Finnish railway network is a crucial safety matter. We perform maintenance tasks on the railway network all over Finland every year.

Replacement of old railway culverts

We have been involved in numerous railway construction projects for the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, enhancing the safety and efficiency of train traffic. KVL-Tekniikka has long experience in replacement of old railway culverts with new ones by means of digging, drilling or sliding a new culvert inside the old one. KVL-Tekniikka and its subsidiaries can also implement demanding rock excavation tasks in the railway environment.

Maintenance of the railway network requires strong professional skills and advance planning

Different railway network repair tasks often mean suspending railway traffic for a specified period of time. We are highly familiar with working under precise and tight timeframes. This is made possible by KVL-Tekniikka’s committed and skilful employees and detailed advance planning where everyone knows their own role.

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