We carry out diverse and demanding rock blasting tasks in Pirkanmaa and southern Finland for municipalities, cities and businesses. KVL-Tekniikka’s subsidiary Metarno Oy is responsible for drilling and blasting works.

Earth-moving projects often include excavation, drilling and blasting works. We offer diverse rock excavation jobs, such as excavation for public utility services; bottom, internal and basement excavation for buildings; and special blasting works  in Pirkanmaa and in southern and central Finland. We manage all rock excavation and blasting works in a safe, well-planned and expert manner and in compliance with valid regulations.

If necessary, we can also remove rock without blasting, such as by wedging.

Rock blasting is the responsibility of our subsidiary Metarno Oy. 

We offer rock blasting services primarily to municipalities, cities and businesses.  Read more about Metarno’s services on the company’s website.

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