Natural gas and biogas

We implement construction of natural gas and biogas pipelines from beginning to end with solid experience. KVL-Tekniikka possesses all the special permits required for building gas pipelines.

Construction of natural gas pipelines in Finland requires special competence and permits. KVL-Tekniikka has strong experience and special competence in the construction of natural gas networks. Our experts are available for all construction and renovation projects of gas pipelines.

Gas pipelines are built largely according to KVL-Tekniikka’s basic process: we agree on the schedule framework with the customer, and then we handle all construction including the necessary practical permits and measures from beginning to end

Many companies are planning to shift from natural gas to using liquefied natural gas (LNG). We implement the technical solutions required by that transition for our customers. We integrate the systems, which means building new pipelines and connecting them with the old ones. We have implemented construction of LNG pipelines at many ports in Finland, for example.

Use of biogas for energy is becoming more prevalent

Biogas is an important form of energy for the green transition and sustainable development. Production and use of biogas is becoming more common all the time. Biogas pipelines are implemented technically in the same way as natural gas pipelines. Among other projects, we have built biogas pipelines for our customers leading from waste treatment plants to incineration plants in several large cities.

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