District heating and district cooling

We have long-standing experience in construction of district heating and district cooling lines everywhere in Finland. If you need to build or renovate a district heating and district cooling line, we implement your project from beginning to end.

Turnkey delivery

If you are looking for an experienced partner for implementing a district heating project, turn to us. We always handle the construction of a completely new district heating network as well as an expansion or renovation of an existing one in close cooperation with the customer. At the start of the cooperation we jointly agree on the project’s schedule framework and review the project’s phases and agreed matters, so both parties have a clear view of what we are doing and what the project’s goal is.

Increasingly often we handle all project implementation from beginning to end according to the turnkey principle: we draw up a precise schedule for the project, manage all practical matters and of course handle the excavation and building of the actual pipeline, including any paving work. KVL-Tekniikka uses a high-quality and comprehensive fleet of more than 100 work machines and vehicles for implementing even large-scale projects.

District cooling to centres of large cities

Besides district heating projects, we also install district cooling networks especially in the centres of large cities. District cooling is a sensible way to implement cooling of large properties connected to a district heating network, such as office or commercial buildings, without property-specific cooling.

Do you need help with preparing a budget for a district heating network?

You can turn to us in the budgeting and design phase. We help you estimate implementation costs of large projects in particular. Typically we first consult the customer on their needs and the various implementation options. We use mapping to find the best solution and can provide a preliminary price estimate of the implementation. If necessary, we can also implement design tasks to demanding sites together with our qualified partners.


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